As WithEzz’s first employee, Sylvia has been a trusted Account Manager for our company since the year after we started in 2004. She has a strong background in all general bookkeeping areas, and is especially skilled in Payroll Tax and non-standard Quarterly Tax filing. She is extremely fluent in multiple versions of the Quickbooks program, and how it applies to a variety of industries. Sylvia has reliably built completely new and intact accounting books for companies, finding and resolving bookkeeping and accounting errors along the way. She has also managed several major cleanup operations for companies in need of accounting help.

By reviewing accounts for issues, correcting and reflecting those issues accurately with Tax agencies, she ensures that companies are brought into compliance with current accounting best-practice rules and guidelines, as well as State and Federal Tax law. As a tireless and reliably effective bookkeeper, Sylvia has been a trusted leader within the WithEzz team for over 12 years.