Member and Business Administrator


As an experienced general office administrator in Municipal Government and a bookkeeper for a variety of industries, Tara has a background in records retention and organization, Open Public Records Act administration, purchasing policies and guidelines, and general office administration. She has high-level functional use of most office-related software including: Word, Excel, Adobe, Outlook, certified in Quickbooks Online, and more. Her most notable skills include QuickBooks conversions and optimization, form and procedure development and customization, and excellent customer service and interpersonal communication.

As Tara has transitioned into her ownership-role at WithEzz over the last few years, she has provided internal organization, documentation and firmer structure to facilitate increased stability for our clients. Tara is particularly passionate about working with our new clients to ensure that start-up bookkeeping needs are met and that clients are comfortable with the services provided by WithEzz. Tara is a positive, hard-working and effective professional who wants to help you become as prosperous and successful as you can be!